Hortamix - Trade in horticultural products and vegetable Ltd.


Hortamix is in the market since 1998 and operates in trade Wholesale of fruit and vegetables.

Since the beginning it has focused on working with the Large Surfaces at a national level. Over the years it has gained a solid position in the market, the result of its strong dynamics and high product quality standards with which it works. Being also a company guided by its efficient and effective process from harvesting the product until its delivery to the final customer, much is due to the focus on Training of its Human Resources.


Throughout its journey it has shown interest in the consolidation of National Agriculture, so today it has a diversity of producers with GlobalGap Certification, from north to south of the country, being one of the companies in its sector with huge importance in the flow of the product, with the National production.


Hortamix is headquartered in Oliveira do Bairro, district of Aveiro.




Headquarters - Silveira - Portugal

Rua da Vasca nº53
3770-065 Oiã


   (+351) 234 723 470
   (+351) 234 723 574







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